Interesting Facts About Food

Food, as we all know, is one of the most important parts of our daily life. It’s a part that is not only nutritious for people but also makes them happy and satisfied. If you want to know interesting facts about food, here are some of them:

There’s More Than One Kind Of Carbs

You’d be surprised how many kinds of carbs there are out there. While it’s true that there are three basic types: complex carb (like brown rice), simple carb (like white bread) and fiber-rich carb (like broccoli), there’s more than that.

Eating A Healthy Diet Is Really Important For Your Health

There are so many health benefits in eating a healthy diet because it gives an energy supply for the body, improves digestion, reduces the risk of heart disease, prevents constipation, etc. However, even if you don’t follow a very strict diet like veganism, vegetarianism or a raw diet, eating enough fruits and vegetables will always make you healthier.

You Are Allowed to Have Seconds or Even Thirds

We have been told over and over again that “you should never have seconds or thirds at dinner”, however, this rule doesn’t apply for desserts anymore. Instead of having three pieces of cake, you can definitely have another piece of cake without getting fat. Also, when you choose dessert, it means you get to enjoy a delicious meal with no guilt.

Fiber-Rich Foods Are Good For Your Heart

Fiber-rich foods like oatmeal cause less cholesterol absorption into the bloodstream so they are great for your heart. In addition to this, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains are high in fiber so these foods help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body.

Apples Aren’t Actually Fruit But Vary Much From Them

When you think of fruit, you probably think of apples, mango and orange. While those are all types of fruit, they aren’t actually considered fruit since they grow underground. On the other hand, strawberries and watermelon are actual fruits so they fall under that category.

 Dark Chocolate Is Better For You Than White Chocolate

Chocolate was originally used by Native Americans as medicine and was often given to children. Since then, it has become popular among the western world as a treat to their taste buds. Despite all the negative connotations associated with chocolate, dark chocolate usually has antioxidants, flavonoids.

Dairy Products Help Build Strong Bones And Prevent Osteoporosis

People who drink milk everyday experience fewer broken bones than non-milk drinkers. This is due to calcium which helps build strong bones visit casino en ligne. Calcium also prevents osteoporosis which causes weak bone structure, thus preventing fractures. Milk products such as skimmed milk, cheese, yoghurt, cream cheese, ice cream, sour cream and cottage cheese provide